Therapists specialising in Gender Identity

Gender Identity

Gender Dysphoria is characterized by an inconsistency between the gender a person identifies as and his/her/their physical gender. People with gender dysphoria are typically referred to as transsexual or transgender. Some common signs of a gender dysphoria include cross-dressing, a feeling of being in the wrong body and a desire to live as a person of the opposite sex. Additionally, in children, gender dysphoria can manifest itself as feelings of disgust with their own genitals and a certainty that they will grow up to be the opposite sex.

Many people treat gender dysphoria by physically modifying their bodies through surgery so that they better match their gender identities. Children and adults with gender dysphoria face an increased risk for depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, suicidality, bullying and stress. A mental health professional can help with these and other challenging aspects of gender dysphoria.

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