Therapists specialising in Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction, sometimes called compulsive sexual behavior, can take many forms.  In general, a person may have a sexual addiction when they cannot control their sexual feelings, thoughts or behaviors. Like other types of addiction (drug, gambling, internet etc.), the severity and type of problem can vary but is usually characterized by the individual’s continued involvement in sexual activities despite negative consequences.

Some symptoms of sexual addiction may include an abnormally high sex drive, intense and distracting sexual fantasies, an obsession with seeking out numerous sexual partners, compulsive masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, the excessive use of pornography, or illegal activities (like rape or molestation). If you are having obsessive sexual thoughts or engaging in risky sexual behavior that is interfering in your daily life, a mental health professional can help you. Seeing a qualified therapist is the first step towards getting a handle on your sexual addiction and making positive changes.

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