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Body-Psychotherapy/Biodynamic Massage Therapy

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I am a body-psychotherapist working across Brighton & Hove.

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Therapeutic Approach

Body-psychotherapy is an approach that works on the understanding that our life experiences, emotions and relationships are not only experienced in the mind but are lived through and impact our bodies in many different ways. Alongside talk therapy techniques such as Biodynamic massage (a form of bodywork & psychotherapeutic touch), breathing and movement exercises are used to engage with the body bringing awareness to how our experiences are lived and felt, opening the possibility of lasting change. Body psychotherapy is a different process for each person and I aim to support my clients in what feels right for them each session within a safe and confidential space.


Prior to working as a psychotherapist I spent over a decade working for the YMCA as a support worker. It was both a challenging and rewarding role providing a strong foundation for retraining as a psychotherapist. My experience in body work began with my lifelong practice of Martial arts which later led me on to explore Yoga, forms of massage, movement practices and ultimately body-psychotherapy.

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BreathworkDepth TherapySomatic Therapy (Body Centered)
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