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Solution-focused psychotherapy

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About Me

An original Brightonian, I have been practising as a therapist locally for seven years. A keen paddle boarder you'll often find me floating behind the West Pier gazing at the cormorants at sunrise. A point, click and hope for the best kind of photographer, I like to capture moments of beauty on the water and on land. I have wandering eye for delicious food that can only be truly savoured and love to guide a playful powerful yoga practise as much as I enjoy lounging on a bolster listening to a podcast. One of my favourite places to explore is Kingley Vale, one of the oldest remaining yew tree forests in Europe. Naturally curious, I have an open mind and an open heart and meaningful connection with others is truly precious to me.

To Help You With...
AbuseAnxietyAttachment TheoryBody Image IssuesCancerCareer CounselingChronic Pain or IllnessCoachingDepressionDomestic AbuseHistorical TraumaLoss or GriefPersonal GrowthPostpartumPregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)PTSDRelationalSelf-EsteemSexual AbuseSpiritualityTraumaVeterans/Military Service
Therapeutic Approach

I guide and practice as part of the Light Before Dawn collective. We are a collaboration of highly trained and experienced guides, able to move you from your state of survival, through thriving and into flourish. We have at our hands a vast collection of strategies and interventions to support you as you move forward. Our base of interventions come from a wide range of modalities and disciplines including psychological, somatic, nervous system and contemporary trauma intervention practices. We are biopsychosocial, holistic, therapeutic practitioners with a focus on healing your body, heart, emotions, mind, energy and spirit. Key to our practice is holding space for clients with love, compassion and acceptance-allowing a foundation of trust from which deep guiding can happen. We have many clients now living a life of flourish, a result of co-creating together to identify, understand and let go all not serving them in their life. Included in our practice is a caring and considerate support team, whose interactions with clients are also held with love, compassion and acceptance. Find out more https://www.lightbeforedawn.co.uk/ I have a great deal of experience of supporting individuals with identifying solutions to understand, manage and resolve their anxiety and depression. I support individuals using a range of modalities including psychotherapy, autonomic nervous system mapping, hypnotherapy, movement, yoga and massage. I am passionate about supporting individuals to overcome personal challenges and safely resolve trauma and emotionally-charged experiences from the past so that they feel liberated and have the space and the motivation to create a happy and fulfilling life.


Previously working as a Human Resources Business Partner in London I trained as a psychotherapist. I have guided and supported for seven years using a range of therapeutic modalities. I work with people of all ages and have extensive experience of supporting teenagers and young adults. I am extremely knowledgable of the education and school sector having guided and advised students online for six years.

Type of Therapy
Compassion-Focused TherapyEnergy PsychologyHolisticHuman Givens PsychotherapyHypnotherapyMindfulnessMotivational InterviewingSolution Focused Brief TherapySomatic Therapy (Body Centered)
Client Type
Type of Session
Long Term (Face to Face)Online Therapy