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Post Graduate Diploma in Addiction Psychology & Counselling

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I am a qualified counsellor specialising in addiction, hence recoveredcounselling.com. I have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Psychology and Counselling and I am currently working towards a Masters Degree in the same. I am an Individual member of the BACP and a member of Addiction Professionals. I am also a father, a husband and I have made some changes for myself over the years, I've had to! I believe we deserve to live a fully recovered life, one that is happy, wholesome and productive. A life with peace of mind when we wake up in the morning, calm throughout the day and the strength to manage life as it comes, without the need to change how we feel by picking up a drink or a drug or, dare I say, a wonky behaviour! My desire to train as a professional therapist and help others to work through change came from my own personal experience and you can expect a genuinely empathic, warm, confidential, safe and non-judgemental space to explore why it is you’ve decided to look up therapy and move towards and into change. With me you will find someone you feel safe talking to and whom you feel can really help, that's what I'm here to do. Welcome to hope.

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Therapeutic Approach

I am a humanistic and integrative therapist. I won't fix you, I will help you to fix yourself. Each person is different and I will use carefully chosen aspects of different modalities to help guide you through the recovery minefield, like CBT, meta-cognitive therapy and twelve step, all underpinned with a person-centred philosophy and all chosen and worked through from the vital relationship that we will have soon built.


I am passionate about helping people resolve and recover from drug and alcohol problems, I get it. I know there are often other problems that will come up on the journey- we can talk about these too. I have trained as a therapist who specialises in helping people recover from addiction and I spent the last few years before that getting myself to a place where that could happen! For me, recovery from a mental health challenge means living a whole life, not just putting the substance down but exploring all the reasons we picked it up in the first place- anxiety, relationship issues, loss and bereavement, disturbing trauma in your life as a younger person or older, or feeling that I just don't fit in- these things often come up, and this can be a tough time, but I provide a genuinely warm and safe, non-judgemental space for this to happen in. And when recovery happens for you, it happens for your family and loved ones too.....It's a beautiful thing, but it takes time and it is possible. I am a member of the BACP and Addiction Professionals and abide by their code of ethics, I am fully insured, registered with the ICO and have supervision once a month. I did much of my training at a substance misuse recovery project for the homeless and by providing counselling with an affordable counselling service.

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