Linda Morris

Counsellor and Psychotherapist


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Integrative therapist with experience in mental health settings and private practice.

To Help You With...
AbuseAlcohol Abuse and Alcohol DependenceAnger Management TherapyAnxietyCodependencyDepressionDrug Dependence / Abuse / AddictionFamily ConflictFamily SystemsGambling AddictionHistorical TraumaInternet AddictionInterpersonalLoss or GriefPsychodynamicRelationalRelationship / Marriage IssuesSelf-EsteemSexual AddictionTranspersonalTrauma
Therapeutic Approach



Specialising in addiction and family work with extensive experience in treatment centres and private practice.

Type of Therapy
Addiction TherapyAnger ManagementBehavioural TherapyCognitive and Behavioural TherapiesCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)Family TherapyMotivational InterviewingReality Therapy
Client Type
Type of Session
Long Term (Face to Face)Online TherapyShort Term (Face to Face)
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