EMDR works to address traumatic experiences which were too intense for the mind to process at the time and which, as a result, the memory of can be triggered and brought into the present in full-intensity. When triggered the raw, unprocessed elements of these memories (sights, sounds, thoughts and feelings) come back to life often with the intensity of the original event.

These re-lived experiences can lead to diagnosis with post-traumatic stress disorder and it’s treatment with EMDR has been recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). EMDR therapy addresses the traumatic memory across the past, present, and future perceptions along with sensory inputs of either side to side eye movements, hand tapping and auditory tones.

Therapists specialising in EMDR

Kate McGuire

Trauma and Psychosexual Therapist

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Gavin Beard

Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist Using EMDR

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Will Geffin

We Can Change Integrated Therapy

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