Transpersonal ‘beyond the personal’ psychology is a humanistic approach with a core aim of helping people discover a larger sense of themselves existing beyond the ego. Healing and growth are approached through recognition and discovery of the centrality of self. The Transpersonal therapeutic process uses spiritual traditions integrated with elements of contemporary psychology. It views the essential self as a combination of the transpersonal, self-transcendent and spiritual aspects of human experience and considers all of life’s experiences as valuable and growth enhancing.

This therapy can be applied to individual sessions as well as groups such as families and work colleagues. Clients of transpersonal psychology are expected to gain a complete understanding of themselves, their capacities, and their relationships, and will leave equipped with the skills to help them deal with these beyond therapy.

Therapists specialising in Transpersonal Psychology

Duncan Long

Counsellor & Therapist

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Jake Yearsley

Integrative counsellor

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