Children can benefit from therapy, just like teenagers, for school stress, such as homework, test anxiety, bullying, or peer pressure.

Some children need help talking about their feelings about family issues, especially related to major transitions such as bereavement, divorce, move, or serious illness. It may not be clear what’s caused a child to suddenly seem withdrawn or worried. Child therapy looks at building self-esteem and improving relationships and communication.

Child therapists are experts at helping children cope with stress, develop problem-solving skills, a strong sense of self and emotional strength.

Therapists specialising in Children

Bunty Dann

Human Givens Psychotherapist

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Jade Elizabeth

Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach

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Jessica Valentine

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

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Juna Elisa Gangkofer

spiritual therapist & medium

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Linda Bramley

Hypnotherapist and personal mindset coach

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Cathy Olley

Creative arts child and young person therapist (parent and child therapist)

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Daniel Webster

Neurofeedback Specialist

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Nicola Turner

Psychotherapist, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer

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Toni Goodall

Counselling Therapist

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