Occasionally, fights and conflict within a relationship or marriage are a fact of life. But when the conflicts in your relationship are threatening your health and well-being, it may be time to seek help. A mental health professional who specialized in couples counseling can help you and your partner develop strategies to improve your overall happiness and communication or target a specific conflict like anger, infidelity, money, sex, or household duties. Marriage counseling can also help you and your partner reach an informed decision when considering divorce.

Therapists specialising in Couples Counseling

Amanda Copeland

Cognitive analytic psychotherapist

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Duncan Long

Counsellor & Therapist

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Jake Yearsley

Integrative counsellor

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Kate McGuire

Trauma and Psychosexual Therapist

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Gavin Beard

Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist Using EMDR

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Peter Hutt

Person Centred Counsellor

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Serena Roche


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